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    Sunday August 17, pt. 12 “The TRUTH and nothing but The TRUTH” series
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  • Pastor Craig’s Blog

    August 14 2014 What do you think of when you think about Jesus? Many would say Jesus saved me or Jesus is my Lord. Others would talk about Jesus mercy, grace and forgiveness. Some would say Jesus is their provider, healer, refuge and strong tower. All of those descriptions are accurate and true. Jesus is… Read more

  • What FWC attendees have to say about us….

      “FWC is a humbling church; the pastor speaks straight from the Bible and is a straight shooter. We have a great mix of people ages and cultures. FWC is a mid-size close and caring church family” -B. J.   “FWC is my second family, they are there for me and they love me and speak… Read more

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