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Pastor Craigs Final Blog

After over 15 years, God has called Brooke and I to pastor a new church in Georgia. As I reflect on our years here, we as a church family experienced God doing amazing things in our midst. Hundreds have been saved, many have been healed physically and emotionally and God moves in power every service. This has all happened as we have built a culture of prayer, outreach and unity. It has been a joy to pastor our church. We have had great health, peace and a lot of fun through the years as a church family. It was great fun to build our church addition together. Most of all it has been a great joy to see so many grow in the Lord at Family Worship Center.

With Brooke and I moving to our new ministry assignment, what happens now? We will all pray for wisdom for the pastoral search committee to find the couple God is calling to lead our church. Our board of deacons will lead the church in the interim and we will have a retired pastor come and preach each Sunday. Our amazing worship band will lead everyone in worship. Pastor Tralese and Pastor Anthony will continue to lead our children’s, students and outreach ministries. Finally, everyone can look forward to the best days that are ahead for Family Worship Center. With God calling us to lead another church, I know God has a great plan to continue His work in Beloit.

Thank you to everyone who has made our last 15 years in Beloit a complete joy. We have been blessed and grown a lot as pastors. We will greatly miss everybody and will look forward to hear about how God will continue to move in power at Family Worship Center.

August 26 2015

As we move into the start of the school year, there are many exciting new things happening around FWC. First, on September 6th, following service we will be having a Tailgate Party in the church parking lot. We will be grilling burgers, hot dogs and chicken and will have fun activities for all ages. Come and wear your favorite teams colors to service and bring lawn chairs.

We are also opening a Connections Booth in our lobby. This will be a set place where guests can go to ask questions, receive information and get a gift following the service. We will also provide tours of the building and kid’s wing for anyone interested who is visiting the church,

Finally, on Wednesday nights we are transitioning into Growth Group nights. We will offer several adult Growth Groups along with Flight Student Ministries (6th-12th grade), Fuel (K-6th grade) and Fireflies (5 and under). On the last Wednesday of each month we will have an Ignite Service (praise, prayer and healing). The sanctuary will also be open each Wednesday at 6:00 for prayer.

May 15 2015

We serve a mighty God.  Family Worship Center has had an amazing spring.  We have experienced a large attendance increase, many salvations, healings and 24 people getting baptized in April.  June 7 is the next service that we will be having water baptisms if you would desire to get baptized.  The reason why we are seeing God’s favor in our midst is because we as a church have devoted ourselves to prayer.  Every Wednesday night we have a praise and prayer service where we pray for our church, community and nation.  Not only is our church seeing God do great things in Beloit but many other churches are as well.  God is great!

We just finished a sermon series called “The Chair” and are currently in a series called “Nevertheless”.  Both of these sermon series deal with God’s call for us to walk in personal holiness and please Him in all that we do.  It has been a powerful time for those who attend our church to see their lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.  We have also started some new small groups where many are being discipled.  Doing things God’s way works!

Starting May 31st, I am excited to announce that we will be starting a new series called “What’s the Point?”  It will be a series where we will go through the Bible together and all age groups will be hearing the same Scripture passages and teachings.  While I share these messages on Sunday mornings, Pastor Tralese will be sharing the same message geared towards children in our Spark Children’s Ministry during service.  Pastor Anthony will also be sharing the same message geared towards youth during Flight Student Ministries each week.  The idea behind all the age groups learning about the same passages in Scripture each week is it will give opportunities for families to discuss together what we are learning about God’s Word in church each week.  We have a lot of new and newer Christians who attend our church and it will give the opportunity for us all to go through the Bible together each week.Finally, we will having a week long sports VBS June 22-26 from 6:00-8:00 each evening.  If you would like to sign up to help, please go to the volunteer table set up in the lobby.  You can also see Pastor Tralese for questions.  We will also be making promotional material available for you to invite children in your neighborhood to this VBS as well as through Facebook.

April 10 2015

What an exciting Easter Sunday we had.  The church was packed, we had a great breakfast and a huge egg hunt.  Best of all 8-10 people gave their lives to Jesus at the end of the service. God is great.  In the next couple of weeks, I’m looking forward to our “Who We Are” lunch where several new families in our church will meet together with our leadership to learn more about our church.  We also will have a water baptism service where a large amount of people are already signed up to profess their faith in Jesus. It is a work of God that in less than three years we will have had the privilege of baptizing 70-75 people. Glory to God!

I’m also starting a sermon series called “The Chair” which will look at if we ever sit in the seat of mockers. We will explore in Scripture how people mock God without even realizing it.  Our desire is to be a church full of people who desire to please God in all that we do.  Then as others give their lives to Jesus, we can disciple them to please God as well.

Some other exciting news is that in April and May, the church will work together to raise funds to build wells for people without water.  The children and youth will be raising funds along with the adults as we meet this missions need as a church family.

If you have a heart for outreach to our community, don’t miss out on the Revolution Community Outreach group that meets the last Monday of each month at 6:00. This group exists to explore ways to show love and compassion to our community.

Finally starting this Tuesday, there will be two new growth groups that will meet at 6:30.  One will be a bible study for men that will deal with growing as a Godly man.  The other new group will be for women and will deal with walking in freedom.  Get involved in a growth group so you can grow closer to God.

February 20 2015

We are currently in the midst of a sermon series called “Love is a Weapon”.  Many do not realize how much power there is in loving others.  Jesus told us the two greatest commands are to love God and love others.  Christians do well with the loving God part but often struggle with the loving others part.  As we have been looking at 1 Corinthians 13 (the love chapter), I have observed that in our sinful nature we struggle living love out.

So we need to be aware that we must ask God to grow us in love and grow the fruits of the Spirit in us that help us to love.  Ultimately, the amount of time we spend each day with God will directly impact how we love others as God’s love flows through us.  In other words we can only truly love others by being filled with God’s love.  That happens when we spend time in God’s presence each day.  Love then becomes a weapon of victory as others will know we are Christians by our love.

Starting March 8, we will start our next sermon series “Imagination Movers”.  We will look at what our mind is programmed to listen to.  Have we learned to listen to the Holy Spirit or are ungodly thoughts flooding our mind?  Through God’s Word we can learn to have our minds filled with truth rather than lies.  If you miss any messages, you can watch them all here on our website.

December 22 2014
As we finish out 2014, we have enjoyed some wonderful Christmas services. We will finish 2014 with a New Year’s Eve Ignite Service at 7:00. This annual event allows us to finish out the year worshiping God and praying for the new year.

Starting January 4th, I will be starting a new series called “What Really Matters”. We will start 2015 looking at God’s Word and what priorities we should be focusing on both in our own personal lives and our church. Then in February we will start a series called “Love is a Weapon” which will be an in depth study of 1 Corinthians 13.

A new change as we begin 2015 will be transforming the Wednesday night Refreshing Service into a service that is exclusively worship and prayer. I believe more than anything that God is calling us to more prayer as a church body so we can see His power unleashed. We will continue to have the sanctuary open for prayer Sunday’s at 9:00 as well as making prayer a major focus of Wednesday nights. All of our Wednesday night youth and children’s ministries will remain the same.

I believe God will move in power in 2015. In 2014 we had close to 100 people respond to the call of salvation at the conclusion of our services. I believe not only can that number grow but that we will be able to disciple a large number of new believers. I also believe as we focus on more prayer we will see more healings. Not only physical healing but also seeing people healed of hurt, anxiety, shame and hopelessness. As we pray, God will move!

October 28 2014

We are starting a new series this Sunday called “Dressed for Success”. In today’s culture, people often don’t dress for success in the ways people did years ago. Suits have been replaced with casual. Casual is often replaced with comfortable dress. We see it in the business world, restaurants, church, even at weddings and funerals. I don’t have any problem with all of this as I also like to dress comfortably.
Paul gives us some directions in Ephesians 4 about a Christian’s dress code. So in this series, i want to look at are we getting “Dressed for Success” in our Christian walk. We will look at the way we should dress daily as a Christian. This is our dress code: belt of truth, breastplate of righteousness, gospel of peace (shoes), shield of faith, helmet of salvation and sword of the Spirit.

September 21 2014

We have just started a new sermon series called “I Am”. In it we will look at the seven times Jesus describes who He is with the words “I Am”. It help us all gain greater insight into who Jesus really is. The people of Jesus day had many misconceptions about why He came. So Jesus explained through His “I Am” statements what He was all about.

We just looked at “I am the Bread of Life” statement Jesus made. Right before Jesus said this, He had just fed the 5000. Bigger crowds were following Him because they wanted more free food. What Jesus was trying to teach the crowds is that the bread He had for them would feed their inner being. It was bread that would provide freedom, joy, contentment and peace. Sadly many stopped following Jesus after he said “I am the Bread of Life” because all they wanted was free food.

Today many are still confused about who Jesus is. Jesus has all we will ever need. Sadly, many just look to Jesus to provide a current need or to put a bandaid on something. And if Jesus doesn’t do it the way they wanted, they stop seeking Him. We must realize our God has what is best for us all the time. Jesus knows our real need. So keep seeking and drawing near to Jesus and He will fill you.

I invite you to join us in person or online as we will continue to look at each of Jesus seven “I am” statements.

June 3 2013

Summer is coming and there is a lot going on at FWC. Our church picnic is coming up on June 30th at noon. We are also starting some new children’s ministries this month. Every Monday starting June 10th, Magnificent Mondays will meet for children ages 5-11 from 1:00-2:30. There will be games and many fun activities. Starting Wednesday, June 26th, there will a special summer Fuel Wednesday VBS program every Wednesday from 6:15-7:45. Later this summer we will also have a special Spark Out VBS. The youth group will be going to summer Bible Camp in July and doing a week long missions trip called Project Beloit in June. Please pray that this would be a great summer of growth for FWC.

May 2 2013

God is doing some amazing things in our church. Since we have expanded to two Sunday services, we have seen a lot of growth. It has been exciting to get several visiting families visiting that have had no home church. I believe God is pleased when we grow with those who come and give their lives to Him. We are called by God to be a church for the unchurched. We will be looking at how to do that more effectively in our new sermon series: Don’t Duck Your Dynasty.

Another important change that God is having us do involves providing better security in our children’s wing. We now have a volunteer security person at the entrance to our children’s wing hallway each Sunday from 10:15-12:15 to ensure that only those who should be in the children’s wing are in it. This includes scheduled children’s workers and parents dropping off their children. We want to provide a safe and secure environment so new parents to our church will feel comfortable dropping off their children.

Finally, Wednesday night’s Refreshing Service has really been growing. This is one of my favorite hours each week as we get to linger in worship and hear from God together each week. This summer we will have a special Fuel VBS every Wednesday night for the children as well.

April 11 2013

Every time you step out in faith, God is pleased and you get blessed. As a church, we stepped out in faith and built a new building and God has blessed us with amazing growth. Recently, we stepped out in faith and added a second service. Again, God is blessing our church with growth and a lot of visitors.

There are times in life God is challenging you to step out in faith. It could be something he wants you to do for him. It could be something God wants you to change in your life. If God is calling you to step out in faith, when you choose to do it, God will bless it.

March 20 2013

The vision of our church is to know, honor and share Jesus. In the next couple of weeks we all have many great opportunities to share Jesus and invite family and friends to church.

This Sunday, which is Palm Sunday, our children will be singing a special in both services. If you are a parent, it is a great opportunity to invite others to hear your kids sing. Then if they don’t Jesus, they may be touched during the service by God’s love.

Another great opportunity to invite is our Eggstravaganza on Saturday, March 30th at 10:00. All of the kids will have a great time playing games, doing crafts and doing an egg hunt. We will give an invitation to every family that comes to attend Easter Sunday.

Finally, Easter Sunday is the best day to invite others to church. Be praying about who God wants you to invite. Then if they come believe they will draw near to Jesus. God can use you in a mighty way as you invite others to church this Easter season.

February 22 2013

I am sitting in a McDonalds play-land thinking what an amazing business plan they have. They lure kids in with toys and play-lands all while serving unhealthy kid’s meals (other than the apples). They create many life long customers through this plan.

This is a good plan for churches as well (other than unhealthy food). Church should be an exciting, fun place where children can come and learn about a Truth. This truth is God’s Word that will transform their lives. Like McDonalds, if kids love church, they will be life long attenders.

As we start two Sunday services, we will strive to provide a great experience for children at both services as well as at our Wednesday night service. Our goal is that our children are so excited about church that it will be a joy to their parents to see it.

February 7 2013

In just a few weeks we will be expanding to two Sunday services. It all starts on Sunday, March 3rd with our “Celebration Service” meeting each week at 9:00 and 10:30. Both services will have the same worship songs and sermon. There will also be a staffed nursery for ages 0-2 both services as well as a pre-school and elementary age group both services. We are expanding to make room for all of the future growth that God will be blessing us with.

On Saturday, February 16th at 5:30 p.m., we will be having our 2nd Annual Black History Month Soul Food dinner in our church fellowship hall. Everyone is invited to this special dinner. Also, on Saturday, March 2nd at 6:00 p.m., we will having a special prayer service to pray over our building as we prepare to go to two Sunday services.

January 11 2013

2012 was a wonderful year of God’s blessing at FWC. Many in our church grew closer to Christ this year and we saw many saved. While most churches are declining we saw our average Sunday attendance rise 12% in 2012. It all started with a church wide 21 day Daniel Fast last January along with weekly prayer gatherings that opened up our church for God’s favor.

As we begin 2013 we start with a renewed focus on prayer and another Daniel Fast. Starting in March, we will also be expanding to two services to make room for future growth. Our Sunday services will be at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. The Sanctuary will be open for prayer at 8:30 a.m. and we will still have our FWC Cafe open from 10:00-10:30 a.m.

On Saturday, January 26th we will be having our Annual Business and Vision Meeting at 10:00 a.m. We hope everyone who is a part of our church family will attend. Following the meeting, we will be having an appreciation lunch to honor everyone who is a part of our church family. Everyone contributes to God’s blessing at our church through serving, giving, praying and loving one another. I am truly blessed to pastor our church.

December 30 2012

As we start 2013, I would like to encourage everyone to start a 21 day Daniel Fast. Pick something out you want to give up for God that would be a sacrifice for 21 days. Then pray for the church and people you know away from Jesus. We will see God do signs and wonders if we all join in on this time of fasting as a church.

I will be starting a series called “It’s the End of this World as We Know It” this Sunday. It will deal with end times, eternity and ending our citizenship in our world. Don’t miss these powerful sermons.

December 13 2012

Joy to the World, The Lord has Come, Let Earth receive her King! What a great time of year. We just had a wonderful church family Christmas Dinner. I have been preaching a series called “A Christmas Carol” which has been looking at some classic Christmas hymns. Last Sunday, we looked at Go, Tell It on the Mountain and looked at how we “Go” and tell others about Jesus. Several were baptized in the Holy Spirit at the end of the service to give them boldness to witness. This Sunday we will look at “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” and see how Jesus delivers us from exile and captivity.

Coming up on December 23rd, will be our Christmas Service. The children will be singing some special Christmas songs. Our worship team will lead us in some Christmas worship. In my special message “A Christmas Carol: O Holy Night”, we will take a look at how our lives would be in the future with and without Jesus in the center of them in a powerful sermon. Make sure you invite family and friends.

November 19 2012

What are you thankful for? Many people have trouble answering this question. They often think about all the things in life they don’t like. God, however, calls us to be thankful. It actually says in the Bible that in everything we are to give thanks.

I want to challenge you to practice giving thanks in all circumstances. God will be pleased and you will feel more content. Remember that even the trial you may be going through may end up being a blessing. Besides all that grumbling will do is keep you in the trial longer. So try giving thanks and see what God will do.

November 1 2012

This past week was very exciting at Family Worship Center. We saw 50 plus students come out to the Fall Out event with Christian hip hop artist Tru Serva. Then 100 children came to the Harvest Festival which was a huge success as the kids had a great time and we were able to show our community the love of God with this free event that included games, prizes and dinner. We also gave away children’s clothing.

This past Sunday we once again saw several give their lives to Jesus as God has been faithful in saving souls in our church every Sunday just as we have been praying for. Our youth attended youth convention in LaCrosse this past weekend as well and they were all touched by God. Finally last night (October 31), we had an IGNITE Service where we were ignited to grow closer to Jesus. We had an awesome time of extended praise and worship and we prayed for our country. There is nothing better than praising God on Halloween night! Over 30 kids also came and enjoyed a movie and pizza night.

 October 25 2012

Please be in prayer for some big Outreach events coming up. Tonight the Flight youth group will be hosting Fall Out at 6:00 which will feature a Christian concert, games and lots of candy. Pray many youth will give their hearts to Jesus.

On Saturday we will host a children’s Harvest Festival from 4:00-6:00 and it will feature games, candy, costume contests and dinner. It is all for free. Please pray this outreach will impact families and that they will visit the church in the neat future.

October 9 2012

This past Sunday I started a sermon series called “Who Is This Man”. It is the story of man who dramatically changed the course of history. Even though he died 2000 years ago, his followers keep growing. It is the story of the historical impact of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
In part one we looked at how Jesus changed how the world viewed compassion. In future messages, we will see how Jesus changed the way the world viewed dignity, humility and forgiveness. Not only did Jesus come to save us from our sins, He changed the entire course of history and how we relate one to another.

Don’t miss these powerful life changing messages. It would be a great series to invite a friend to church as well.

September 28, 2012

A football team many in our church love was robbed of a victory Monday night. Reading the Facebook comments from fans, there were many responses to a victory being stolen away. Outrage, anger, disbelief and even some saying they are done with football.

As children of God, there is one who tries to rob us of victory daily. It is Satan, the enemy of our soul. He desires to rob our joy, peace and faith everyday. We should be just as outraged about this.

Just as the NFL has now brought back the regular refs so other teams aren’t robbed of victory, we need to daily bring Jesus to the center of our lives. Then we can walk in victory and we don’t have to be a robbery victim.

September 17, 2012

We started a series yesterday called “Circle Makers”.  We discussed searching our hearts so we could let God know what it is we need from Him.  A lot of people struggle with this concept.  Some don’t like to ask God for things. For others, when they do ask God for something and don’t get an answer right away, they give up asking.

I gave everyone a sheet with three prayer circles.  One of the circles involves praying for your biggest dreams and biggest fears.  I would define a fear as something you let consume you and you’re not sure God can fix it.  It can be a secret sin, it can be the future, a rough circumstance you are walking through or anything you worry about.

God can free you of all these things.  We must ask and believe.  When God frees us of our biggest fears, we them can seek ask Him for our biggest dreams.  Many can’t identify what that dream is because they need to be free of the fears.  But each of us has a big dream that God has put in our hearts.  It is a dream He wants to produce as we trust.

This Sunday we will look at how God almighty will provide and produce our biggest dreams.

September  10, 2012

God has been so good to us.  Every week we have been seeing 5+ people respond to the call to make Jesus Lord and Savior.  That is what we have been praying for and God has been answering. This Sunday we start a new series on prayer.  It is called “Circle Makers” which involves praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears.  Come ready to have your faith grow and your prayers become more effective. Our church has seen a large amount of visitors each Sunday.  Please remember one of our church motto’s is “everyone is a greeter”.  Please take time each week to greet those you don’t know.  Let the love of God flow through you.


August 27, 2012

What an exciting day in the history of Family Worship Center yesterday.  We had one of our largest crowds ever and had a powerful time of praise & worship.  I continued to preach on the “Top Ten” series and enjoyed a funny “Late Night with Steve Franks” top ten skit.

Best of all was the 21 people we were privileged to baptize.  Everyone has a powerful story of how Jesus changed their lives.  Most were saved at our church.  All who were baptized had a powerful experience with God.  Someone commented that they feel so alive now.  Even more exciting was how many people who told me that now want to get baptized next time we do a water baptism service.

On top of all that 15 people raised their hand to receive Jesus into their heart.  Pray for each of them that they will grow closer to Christ and one day be baptized in our church as well.  In the last couple of months 30-40 people have raised their hands to receive Christ in their heart during our morning service.  There have also been many youth saved at youth group along with record attendance there.  At our VBS scores of children also responded to receive Jesus in their heart.

What should our response be to all this?  First, we give glory to God for blessing our church with people getting saved.  Second, we keep praying for more to be saved and for those saved to grow in their faith.  Third, we pray some more!


August 20, 2012

These are some exciting times for our church. We have had many visitors each week, several getting saved each week, and great attendance for the dead of summer. We give glory to God!

Last week we did our first VBS since I have been here. It was called Spark-Out and the children loved it. God is doing a great work in our youth and children. Please be praying for these ministries.

Finally this Sunday we will be baptizing 20-25 people at the conclusion of our morning service. It will be an amazing church service followed by our annual church picnic at Leeson Park.


August 6, 2012

I have been sharing a sermon series called “Going for the Gold” which focuses on us giving our best to God as we strive to win the prize He has for us. Ultimately the prize is Jesus and everything our Savior has for us when we go after Him as our main aim in life.

I would like to share something God placed on my heart as I strive to lead our church as I “Go for the Gold”. Earlier this summer, like most churches, attendance was way down as people often go out of town. We had not seen many visitors for a while, there were little to no salvations and there wasn’t much excitement as the sanctuary was somewhat empty for services.

Since many churches attendance decline during the summer, many churches shut a lot of things down and pastors often save their best sermons, skits etc. for the fall when the church begins to fill back up.

In the midst of low attendance earlier this summer, God spoke to me about some exciting sermon series to preach on. I was going to save one called “The Hunger Games” until the fall when I thought there would be more people to hear it. God spoke to me to share this exciting sermon series this summer. He wanted to me to give my best even in the dead of summer.

Ultimately I shared the sermon series and attendance has shot way up, we have seen 20+ people to give their hearts to Jesus in the last six weeks, we have seen many visiting families start coming to our church and we have had a renewed focus on prayer. All of this in the dead of summer.

The moral of the story is God wants us to “Go for the Gold” all the time. What is he speaking to you about when it comes to this?


July 30, 2012

What an amazing service we had yesterday. The worship was filled with life and we were challenged to “Go for the Gold”. We looked at 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 about how we need to run the race as a Christian to win the prize. We must go into strict training and not run aimlessly as we go about our Christian walk.

August will be an exciting month at FWC. We will be hosting our first VBS since I have been here. It is called Sparkout and the goal is for everyone to invite as many children ages 3-11 as you can to hear about Jesus. There will be live Bible stories, songs, games and prizes for those who bring the most visitors. It all takes place Thursday August 16-Friday August 17th at 6:00 p.m. The children will be learning a special song they will share in the Sunday service on August 19th.

We will also be having our church family picnic on Sunday, August 26th at Leeson Park following the service. We will provide burgers and brats. Please bring a dish/dessert to share and beverages for your family.

Also on August 26th, we will be water baptizing those who would like during the morning service. Please let me know if you would like to be water baptized.

Finally, there will be a parent’s night on Thursday, August 9th during youth group. Pastor Greg will sharing vision for the future.

Remember to Go for the Gold this week!

July 24, 2012

Sunday was a great day at FWC as Teen Challenge from Milwaukee joined us.  Following an electric time of praise and worship, 20 women from Teen Challenge came to sing and share testimonies of how they were set free from addictions.

What really touched me was a woman who said she was going to church for years, involved in ministry to a great extent and yet was addicted to crack cocaine.  She reported after 20+ years of living a lie, God in His mercy came and set her free.  She has been drug free for almost a year and now has a real relationship with Jesus.

It should remind us that just going to church and even being super involved doesn’t mean everything is right with Jesus.  If you have been living a lie or mocking God with your secret lifestyle, take time to get honest with Jesus and let Him free you.

At our Men’s Cookout Sunday night, a man shared that God spoke to him during the Teen Challenge testimonies.  The man from our church shared that God told it was time to stop drinking alcohol.  He shared that even though he had stopped getting drunk, that still every time he went to have a few drinks he found himself falling back into his old ways.  He wanted to be totally surrendered to Jesus and totally free.  So he shared with us that he was going home and dumping all the alcohol down the drain.

What is God calling you to dump down the drain?  Is it pride, an addiction, bitterness, porn/lust, selfishness or maybe even apathy?  Listen to what God wants to do in your life and surrender it to Him and be free!

This Sunday, I will begin a series called “Going for Gold”.  We will look at are we going for gold, silver or bronze in our walk with God.


July 17, 2012

I have recently been reading a book called “The Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson.  The theme of the book is about praying circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears.

Basically you draw a prayer circle around your dreams, your family, your church, your problems and God’s promises.  Although there is no power in the circle itself, there is power in becoming more focused and direct in your prayer requests.

For the past several weeks during our Wednesday night services and our Friday !GN!TE service, we have been getting in a circle around our 280 chairs and praying specific prayers for everyone who sits in the chairs.  I also have been regularly walking around the chairs praying specific prayers for everyone who attends the church.

Here is what the prayers have been directed to:

  1. That God’s Word would fall on good soil (that people would grow spiritually)
  2. That there would be freedom in worship
  3. That everyone would have an encounter with God every service
  4. That we would have a summer of numerical growth
  5. That we would have visitors looking for a church like ours
  6. That we would see people saved and healed every week
  7. That we would have protection from the enemy
  8. That those who once came to church and aren’t going anywhere would return to church


Since we have been praying this way in the last month God has blessed us with 15+ salvations, healings, numerical growth, new visitors, amazing altar times and God’s presence has been increasing in our services.  I invite you to join us as we continue to focus on praying for these eight things.


July 10, 2012

Welcome to our brand new website.  As part of this new website, I will be writing a blog each week to keep everyone up to date on all that is going on at FWC.

You may have noticed some changes this week.  We have a brand new logo that we unveiled on Sunday.  The new logo incorporates our church vision into it.  We also introduced a new video to start our “Celebration Service” each Sunday.

This past Sunday, I preached part three of “The Hunger Games” series.  If you missed any of the sermons in this series, I encourage you to watch them right here at this sight.  We also had a great skit as part of the sermon last Sunday.  The altars were filled following the message with those who hunger for more of God.  Best of all 5+ people responded to call of salvation each of the last two Sundays.

Thanks to all who came to the “!GN!TE Service” this past Friday.  God’s presence showed up in a mighty way as we worshiped and went after Jesus.

Don’t miss part four of “The Hunger Games” this Sunday along with a super funny preview skit of our upcoming “Going for Gold” Olympic sermon series that is coming soon!